How to create a report with a list of all our IGEL UDC3 devices?

Hello everyone! I’m getting closer to the lovely day I roll out OS11, but right now I’m needing to send a list of all our iGel UDC3 devices to my sales rep for the licensing check…and I’m really hoping I don’t need to do this manually. I’ve never used reporting in the UMS, is there a location where a report for this can be generated in a pain free way? 😄 Thank you!

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Hello! Sure!

Easiest way, Right click on view, New view:

Give a name, use online, devices that are online, Create additional search criterion (OR), use online, devices that are offline, Finish

Then you should see all endpoints. Next step, on the right hand where you see columns like mac adress, etc… they are three dots … there you can add the needed columns.

Right click on the view, Save as, choose csv.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much! You have made my day so much better!

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