How to create a root certificate for the IGEL ICG within my new UMS 6.06.100?

need a little help with creating a root certificate for the icg within my new ums (6.06.100) and then exporting the keystore to manually install the icg itself.

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the manuals are either not consistent or i am missing something:

Creating a Certificate Using the UM seems only to work with installing the icg from within the ums – i do not see an option to export the keystore in that way.

i create the certificate from within the ums but i do not have the option to export / show the certificate under UMS Administration, go to Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options.

i only see the “first-authentication keys”-section

UMS Network -> IGEL Cloud Gateway -> “Install new IGL Cloud Gateway” :

in my current ums (6.04.120) (where i installed the icg from within the ums) i got a “Certificates” section

The Certifcate management for the cloud gateway is moved in UMS 6.06.100 to Global Configuration -> Certificate Management -> Cloud Gateway in the UMS Administration.

ahhhhhh – thx!

@member already fixed the articel: 👍

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