How to create a web link on the IGEL OS desktop?

Hello everyone, looking to create a profile that has the ability of having a link on the desktop for staffers to click. The link would be a standard URL web link. Any help would be appreciated

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You’ll need to create a Browser session and point it to the URL your wanting to browse to.

how do you do that?

via the UMS

Under Profiles, create a new one and under Session you’ll see Browser

I see that, but when I get there, I don’t see a place to place a direct URL. The goal is to push this out to all the IGELS so that they can just click on the link and go direct to the website.

Hi Alan, tried to answer in the other thread you created:

ahhh, got it. Now, how do I add this setting to all the workstations?

drag that new profile on to a device or folder where the Workstations are located

@member it seems like you are starting gathering experience with Igel, I would like to send you a perfect guide to get started:

It describes more or less everything you need!

Got it, let me test it now… Hopefully it works well!

Thanks for that info

So looks like I lost all the desktop items. Nothing was there

Do you have license on that device? I mean, locally, click on Start => About

I didn’t have a license. I am working with an IGEL now that’s license and my question is, when you create a new profile with the browser home page set to the URL I want accessed, do you have to set anything else in that profile? This IGEL already has a profile set, but I was going to add this as an additional profile just for the web link. Is that fine or do I have do something else?>

That‘s usually fine. I would recommend though to do some security settings but that‘s optional.

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