How to create Default Directory Rule in IGEL UMS?

Good morning everyone! I’d like to create a Default Directory Rule in IGEL UMS. In the according KB it says, the rules are applied “during registration”.

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Just to be sure: “Registration” is the moment when Thin Clients are joined to UMS for the first time and “re-registration” doesn’t happen, if the Thin Clients are already listed somewhere in UMS, right?

The rule is applied on boot everytime if you check the according option.

Good morning Daniel, absolutely right: after the first registration the device wouldn‘t do a re-registration process. It’s one time process. The rule itself can be applied a few times (on boot, if top directory differs, …)

Thanks! So these rules apply even after the registration. I will create my rules accordingly.

(Maybe IGEL should change the KB article slightly?

You are welcome! I believe that there is a feedback button on our Kb, where you can provide this kind of requests, there should be a symbol like a mail


That reminds me of a German saying: “Wer lesen kann, ist klar im Vorteil.” Thanks!

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