How to create profiles based on a new IGEL OS Firwmare?

“`Release Notes 11.08.440 (Based On 11.08.360)“`

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I’m trying to change the firmware version base on some of my profiles – The highest I see is 11.08.360 in UMS even after checking in .440. This is normal correct? Because the firmware is based on .360 as it shows in the release notes?

Do you have a device that is running 440 yet?

That was the trick! Thanks Chris!

@member Follow up question that you may know. So we are currently on 11.04.270 in production – testing now to get on 11.08.440 (in theory). I know there are definitely some profile base changes that need to be made to support our current config on 11.08.440. Is there any downside or negative impact if we upgrade the base on all our current productions profiles? Would this affect any of our 11.04.x devices before they have a chance to upgrade?

It’s recommended to upgrade devices, then flip the switch to update profile versions. If any of the registry keys you use have changed to reflect any 3rd party app name changes / re branding it can cause issues. Usually that doesn’t happen, but 11.04 to 11.08 is a big jump. If you have new settings that need to be pushed to devices that don’t exist in 11.04 then create a new profile with just that specific setting based on 11.08 and roll that out.

Thanks again Chris!

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