How to customize an IGEL OS app icon shown in the taskbar?


I customized 2 Browser Session with individual icons. Found the infos in Dougs guide.

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However the icons are only changed on the desktop/quickstart-bar.

When i start the browser-sessions. The normal browser icon appears in the taskbar.

How can i change them?

Any tips?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Tom, that’s a bit tougher… You would need to replace the existing System Icons inside of the file system. I already did it, but have to search where 😄

I changed the icons for browser0 , but that changes it for both of them.

In OS11 there’s technically only one browser instance running at a time which can have multiple windows. So you only have one icon for running windows, because the system cannot decide which window comes from which session/quick starter.

I get the point of Tom, he meant something else. Let me check and come to you in a few moments.

hoping to get you right:

create a SVG file out of your icon, name it firefox.svg and firefox.png and copy it like your other icon to a safe folder /wfs/ a.e.

In a new profile as

System, Firmware Customization, Custom Commands, Base, Initialization

find /usr/share/icons -name “firefox.png” -exec cp /wfs/firefox.png {} ;

find /usr/share/icons -name “firefox.svg” -exec cp /wfs/firefox.svg {} ;

Assign the profile, the files, reboot and you should be good.

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