How to customize Conky on IGEL OS ?

hey guys Im trying to customize Conky a bit. How do I go about pulling system variables like department or Structure tag out of the machines?

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Hey James, Have you check here?

I think that depends on the specific item. In your example:

1. Structure Tag: is something that the endpoint is aware of

2. Department: is only a construct within UMS, and endpoint is not aware of. (If I recall correctly).

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but you might have to get more creative.

a little. I cant see that it lists all the system variables. It looks like I should be able to find all the system variables in a respective thin client.

Structure tag could be something like this, in the conky.config:

`${execi 3600 get system.remotemanager.ums_structure_tag}`

looks good. thanks!!

Something like UMS “department”, I think some jumping through hoops would be required to get the endpoint to see that.

“ Device Attributes” can be defined. Once done, they can be seen on the endpoint. So can “Environment Variables”.

For “device attributes”, flow could go: populate “UMS department” to your new custom “device attribute”. Then extract that into conky script using the command:

“`rmagent-devattrs-get “`

I might have missed something obvious, as in, perhaps the “department” exists already.

To perform this “UMS->Department” to “New Device Attribute” sync, in an “automated method” you could use one of:

1. Official IGEL IMI –

2. The amazing PSIGEL developed by community extraordinaire @member

So while not initially visible/consumable by the endpoint, if you want it bad enough…it can be done! 😉

cool. I’ll take a look at all this. Thank you @member!

Welcome to the rabbit hole! 😉

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