How to customize the look and feel of the IGEL OS user interface?

With IGEL OS, the look and feel of the user interface can be customized?

Yes, but that’s not a topic for the nfr channel. Please move it to the corresponding channel and have a look at / training

@member you bet it can be. Almost anything in the OS can be customized! Here is a paper that will go in to some detail about how to customize the IGEL OS!

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

and please – move this question to the #os-customization channel? i will reply too… We truly strive to keep an organized community. I know you are new so I’m sorry being bugging you on this 😉 but it is a great question and we want to make sure others can view it too in the right place! 🙂

Sorry, I confused the Slack with Community. Many thanks for yotur help

I don’t blame you. I did too 😉 lol … you will get used to it. Just look at the channels on the left sidebar and .. if you have an IGEL OS question then go to the #igel-os if it is UMS then #igel-ums…. .. have a look around too. A lot of great stuff in here and welcome!! 🙂

We are glad to have you with us! 🙂

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