How to customize the RDP icon with a corporate logo on IGEL OS?

Can I customize the RDP icon with a corporate logo?

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Sure! Here we go:

This doc will help you also! There are step by step on how to change the icons also!

And only problem I know is that if you change the icons via these methods it changes the icon but only on the screen. If you minimize the app it goes back to the default system icon. (So I’m told). So- I was told it’s best to actually find the icon in the OS and replace it with the one you want.

@member is this the case oh wise guru of all gurus?

Hem, from what I recall it changes the icon on the desktop (that stays there forever even if it’s mini-maximized) but the taskbar icon is only modifiable when replacing the system logo, because it’s system-widely.

Hi Guys, where do I have to place the custom icon.png file? I placed it in UMS in Files like with a custom background but when I change the Icon as in the manual not my icon is shown but the gray star icon. Am I still doing something wrong?

Hi Henk, please send us a screenshot of the file itself inside the files section in UMS.

Yes, you are missing the local path. Usually:


Local path of the Igel you mean? Do I have to copy the .png to the Igel itself?

When you upload a file line your logo to UMS, there is field called client path.

Enter there /wfs/replaceitbyyourlogoname.png

When assigning the file to the endpoint, it will automatically copy it to that folder.

Yeah, now I get it. It is called Devices file location. That’s why I could not find it.

Like this you mean?

Yes, exactly. Then assign it, Adapt your Session profile like described in Dougs Docu and you should be good

Guys, I followed the manual of our Guru Doug 😉 but still the famous gray star instead of the changed Firefox icon. Did I still miss something?

Strange. When opening a terminal locally, login as root, ll /wfs

is the file there?

I’ll check

I checked, it is not there

Ai, even the best makes a typo once in a while :man-facepalming:. My bad! It works now

But…….now I can change the icons (which is highly appreciated by my customers 😉 ) I am always hungry for more so is it also possible to change the color of the text under the icon? On a white background it is not always good to read.

Can‘t test atm, but you could test:

System,Regitstry,userinterface.ui_theme.colors.icons_and_fonts optimized for light backgrounds.

I will test asap, thanks for the hint 💪:skin-tone-2:

No, that does not solve my problem. I’d like to have the letters on the desktop with a white background to be solid black.

No, that does not solve my problem. I’d like to have the letters on the desktop with a white background to be solid black.

Good morning @member, you should be able to do this in the registery. You would want to create a file and have it upload to the /wfs/ directory allowing read access for all users.

Then you can use the registry key below to put in the file path/name. It should work.


Hi @member, the icon itself works for me already this way but text is variabel and cannot be a file I guess.

Oh, should be able to change that here

@member it’s a XFCE setting but haven’t time atm to investigate further even if I found a few promising configs. Sorry, but have to postpone or see if someone is quicker.

@member, don’t worry; it’s just a “nice to have” so take your time. When you have found it, let me know. 💪:skin-tone-2:

@member were you able to take a look at this?

I would be interested in knowing the answer to this also 😄

@member, based on @member’s hint I have had a look at the xfce theme config files. The GTK theme file for IGEL-Dark is located at


and to edit the theme all you need to do is to link another theme file at the end. You can do this by creating a new file (e.g. /userhome/custom-theme.gtkrc) and loading this onto thin-client using the UMS File option, then running the following command in Custom Commands somewhere:

“`echo ‘include “/userhome/custom-theme.gtkrc”‘ >> /usr/share/themes/IGEL-Dark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc“`

which will insert a line at the end of the file.

_N.B._ _has to be done before the Desktop starts, so try putting it in_ _Custom Commands > Base > Initialization_

Inside /userhome/custom-theme.gtkrc you can put in whatever formatting you want (see for more info). To set the icon text as black I did the following:

“`style “xfdesktop-icon-view”


XfdesktopIconView::shadow-color = “#000000”

XfdesktopIconView::selected-shadow-color = “#000000”

fg[NORMAL] = “#000000”

fg[SELECTED] = “#000000”

fg[PRELIGHT] = “#000000”

fg[ACTIVE] = “#000000”

fg[INSENSITIVE] = “#000000”


widget_class “XfdesktopIconView” style “xfdesktop-icon-view”“`

Please try that and let me know what you think. It will take a bit of fiddling so maybe for you it isn’t worth the effort 😅 hope it helps

Nice! Hope to test it this week or next week when I am at the customer again. Let you all know.

Hi @member,

One thing you can quickly check is by opening a terminal on the desktop, login as root, make yourself user(su user) and run xfce4-appearance-settings.

The Raleigh theme has black fonts on the desktop.

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