How to delete the IGEL UnitID within the activation Portal?

After changing the motherboard in an OSC-Device I am only able to use the device with the starter license.

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The UnitID is the same as the old mac-adress of the old motherboard. Now the device is in the UMS with the old UnitID and a new macadress. I am not able to delete the UnitID within the activation Portal. I can use the gui and I can find the old UnitID and the new MAC, but nothing ist deleted, after I try to delete them.

Any suggestions?

This comamnd in a local terminal:

mount -o remount,rw /license; find . | grep -iRl “.*lic” /license/dsa/licenses/ | xargs -I {} rm -rf {}; mount -o remount,ro /license

combined witht the following command:

get_unit_id -m

Worked for me! Thank you @member for your support!

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