How to deploy a file to IGEL OS devices via UMS?

I use Igel OS11 with latest UMS. Is there a way to deploy a file (/userhome/.ICAClient/config/ServiceRecord.xml) to the Igels via UMS? It’s because none of the Citrix config options in UMS are really optimal for me, but when I put this file in place (e.g. by scp-ing it to a client manually), everything works perfectly.

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Yes, sure. Right click on files, New file, Upload your file under local file and add your described path to: Devices File Location, Save it. Then assign it to the folder where the device resides in, and you should be good.

Right click on files… like where? In the UMS Console?

Yes, in UMS:

Thanks, reading now… just to clarify, if I follow these steps my file will appear automatically on all my Igel clients without the need to transfer it to them one-by-one?

Yes, absolutely. I cannot promise that it will work directly (sometimes Workspace app starts quicker than with the newer file), but if not, you could delay the Citrix Start. Just out of curiosity: what is the difference (in general) between your xml and what you are missing in our profiles?

Let me clarify that this works and then I’ll explain, thanks so much for the link!


@member you rock man, this totally worked, let me explain. My situation is not that special, I have a Citrix Netscaler in the DMZ, a Citrix StoreFront server on the internal network and I want Igel clients to connect to them from the Internet. The Igels are managed by UMS.

I found only two ways to configure SF access via Netscaler in UMS: 1) use Appliance Mode and define a Citrix Self Service delivery URL and set no other Citrix option 2) no Appliance mode, define a Browser Session, set the Netscaler URL as startup page, and set no other Citrix option

The drawback of both options are a) I can’t use any of the Citrix settings in UMS b) the user needs to click like 10 times before they can log on.

The ideal solution would be to use the Citrix Storefront settings in UMS, to e.g. set the Citrix user/password but the UMS section for StoreFront has no option for me to enter the address of the Netscaler (i.e. Citrix Gateway).

RESCUE: If I deploy a carefully crafted file to the Igel under /userhome/.ICAClient/config/ServiceRecord.xml which contains both the SF address and the Netscaler address, then I can set anything I like in UMS under Citrix SF, e.g. user/password, and it will work. When the Igel boots up, the user will only need to click on the Citrix-SF icon on the desktop, a login window pops up with user/pass already populated (from UMS), click Sign in and boom: all published apps appear as icons on the desktop. Two clicks. Beautiful.

Here’s the xml file (hostnames redacted), which I got by finishing the cumbersome Citrix login process via Netscaler from a Browser session on one Igel and then I fetched this newly created file via scp. Now I’m deploying it to hundreds of Igels. Of course most ideal would be if UMS/Citrix/StoreFront section had an option to enter a Netscaler Gateway address.

Thanks Daniel!!!! That’s interesting, will look into it!

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