How to deploy a IGEL Custom Partition via ICG

Hello! Looking to deploy a custom partition using ICG to remote IGEL clients (no LAN access). In a non-ICG setup you typically upload the .inf and .bz2 files to your UMS server then you import the profile to your UMS server and update the profile with the IP address of your UMS server. I understand that ICG is limited to Universal Firmware Update, Shadowing devices via VNC and Secure Terminal. That being said, is there any way to be able to get this done remotely?

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Setup a file server that is internet facing that the clients can connect to.

Thanks Ron. So in summary I could upload the .inf and .bz2 files to a public FTP then import the profile to UMS (Internal) then update the CP profile with the IP address of the public FTP server and apply the profile to the ICG iGel?


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