How to deploy CA certificates via Chromium in IGEL OS 11.05?

Can anyone point me at something about installing CA certificates in to Chromium on iGel OS 11.05? I’ve searched by keep getting directed to suff about Firefox (i.e.

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Dd you tried that one?

Yes, I saw that article. It appears to be incomplete. It tells me how, in the UMS, to create a new File entry for my certificate file; which I have done. I have ‘applied’ that file to the appropriate part of my device tree and now my .cer file is sitting in “/wfs/ on the iGel terminal. How do I get Chromium to use this new CA file for my HTTPS connections?

Please choose common purpose as classification, that should work.

OK. Off home now. Will try that first thing tomorrow. Thanks

Hint: you don’t have to specify the place where to install the Cert on the Endpoint. If the Cert’s purpose is common or webbrowser, it’s installed for both Chromium and Firefox.

Sebastian, that worked. Many thanks.

Can I put in an enhancement request? Some of our file names are not particularly friendly. It would be nice if, in the UMS, I could provide a ‘friendly’ display name when I create a ‘New File’ entry. This field could default to being the same as the file name but is editable. This new field could then be displayed in the Navigation tree and in ‘Assigned Objects’ in the Devices tree. As ‘Display Name’ has defaulted to the file name the existing behaviour would remain the same (the same name would appear in the GUI) but it would provide a nice new feature, IMHO.

Sure @member!! Your feedback is highly welcomed. Would you mind to post it here:

there we track your ideas and feature upvotes!

Have done so

I rename the file to a friendly display name before uploading it to the UMS. In the field of the save path on the device you put in the whole path including the file name.

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