How to deploy custom RDP files to IGEL OS through the IGEL UMS?

Morning! Does anyone know of a way to deploy custom RDP files through the iGel UMS?

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Hey Connor, how do you mean deploy RDP files? Would RDP Sessions work for you?

Morning – we require to amend the actual RDP file itself and add some custom strings in (for example: full address:s:FARM.LAB.LOCAL

workspace id:s:FARM.LAB.LOCAL

use redirection server name:i:1

loadbalanceinfo:s: Terminal Services Plugin.1.Wortell_sLab_Ses

alternate full address:s:FARM.LAB.LOCAL)

Good morning @member, IGEL does not have the Microsoft RDP Client (MSTSC) available, but instead uses a modified version of freerdp to handle connections. I am not sure if you use an RDP file with it, but you may be able to build a custom command that does the same thing you are looking for. To get a full list of available commands you can run the following on an IGEL device.

/services/rrdp/bin/igelrdp2 –help

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