How to deploy Google Chrome browser on IGEL OS?

Hello everyone. My company is new to using iGEL. Trying to figure out how I can deploy google chrome browser. I believe I need it requires a custom partition which I believe I found here

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Problem is when I import that CP and push to device it appears to install and icon is placed on desktop but it won’t launch/open. Anyone have any ideas? Thank You in advance.

Hello Adrian, is Chromium an alternative? On an actual Firmware like 11.04.240 it is included by default, without the need to use a CP.

The CP mentioned in your post is just a Framework, the proprietary was removed. So, you could try to build it by your own or ask your local Presales Sales to handle out the up and running CP.

ah I see what you are saying. I believe the reason behind needing chrome is a specific internal company app that is coded for google chrome so chromium might suffice. – does this shell script create the full app instead of just the framework?

Yes, exactly! If you can, I would try Chromium first, just because it is fully integrated and supported. If that doesn‘t should be enough: right, the build script will build it for you.

great! Thank you for the information @member

They also need ability to add network printers. Do you know of a guide to add them on iGEL? Or might that be another custom partition we need.

If you want, you can push Network Cups Driver by a profile:

or use a script for that (no CP): Ron created a cool stuff on that, hope that helps:

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