How to deploy IGEL UMS profiles to devices without assigning to all devices individually?

Trying to remove accessories which the end users shouldn’t have access to. I’ve created a folder under “Devices” and I’ve placed a test device in that folder.

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I’ve created a new profile which I’ve assigned to the folder. I was under the impression that all objects / devices in that folder would get the settings from the profile, but that’s not the case. How would I deploy profiles to a lot of devices without assigning to all devices individually?

Can you send us a screenshot of the setting for one Accessory you tried to get removed ?

When assigned object is a folder, it does not apply. If it’s assigned to a device, it’s succesful.

Looks good to me, now a screenshot of the same menu when right click on the Device, Edit Configuration and a screenshot of the right hand of your Console where the directly and indirectly assigned Profiles are shown.

Thanks, I might’ve been too quick to conclude, actually. After rebooting the settings are on the client device. After just saving or “Apply and send to device” the settings wasn’t applied. (After accepting the notification box telling me new settings were received)

Might be related to the port 30005 TCP UMS=>Endpoint which isn‘t opened, this one is needed for pushing Configs to the Device.

Can I test push from UMS to devices somewhere in UMS? (Sorry, I’m new to this)

I can reboot a device from UMS, so the communication is indeed there.

Are the devices internal, or going through and ICG @member?

They are going through ICG.

@member can you share the ICG / UMS / Igel OS Firmware Versions?

Sorry, but our lab environment went sideways a couple of days ago due to a faulty A/C, so I’ll have to build up everything from scratch..

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