How to deply an IGEL custom partition via ICG for WFH users?

I’ve been spending hrs trying to deploy MS Teams CP. It seems to deploy and work once on my test VM internally. Once it get reboot it would not work. As our main use case are WFH so that would have to go through the ICG, all the KB and articles instructed to use any tips and trick to achieve this greatly appreciates.

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You will need to have the CP files hosted externally or have a FTP/SFTP server accessible externally. It is similar to updating firmware externally. I am not a place where I can give exact details on how or screenshots, but that is the gist of it.

I’m thinking about using the same HTTPS repository we use for our external end points.

Once you deploy down and link it up.. you have in your profile the init script that runs on each boot to link into file system.

Please review my XML to yours as noted here

See line #29 here

I saw that script, that settings also missing from the profile I got from IGEL support. There’s no mention where upload that file.

The Readme here outlines the steps…

I’m not sure what was the bug, after I point the Download URL to our public HTTPS repository all start to works.

Okay… good to know… Take care

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