How to disable power control on directory level in IGEL UMS Web App?

Anyone know if there is a way to disable power control on directory level in WebApp? This is second time that our helpdesk rebooted all devices in company 😞 (and by the way – there are no logs for that activity)

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The rights in the webapp are the same like in the native app, you only need to assign the right correct to the groups:

Not what I asked – I want to prevent accidental reboots. so Helpdesk should still be able to reboot individual ThinCliens, but no to select parent directory and reboot everything in that directory

Thats up to you

If they have the right to boot up all devices, there is not possibility to prevent that

I would recommend a WebUMS training – I never heard that someone have booted all devices

WebUI is confusing for helpdesk. They cannot differentiate if device is selected or directory is selected. This is 2nd time that they rebooted all devices by accident, and I absolutely don’t blame them because IGel did not really do great job in Web UI for this matter

I dont agree

most of my customers love the WebUMS

But to answer your question: such a function is not available

If it is not possible to reboot all the machines, automation is a problem at all

Will recommend customer to disable reboots for Helpdesk or not use Web UMS

thanks for your feedback

Available with UMS 6.07.100:

Thank you Rene!!!!!

Sometimes also IGEL employees dont know all what happens 😞

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