How to disable Shortcuts on Chromium and IGEL OS

Hello Everyone, OS12 Chromium issue opening new pages with CTRL N. Browser is set to open in kiosk mode, address bar, home button, etc. hidden. If user opens new tab CTRL T, it opens in this same kiosk windows this is ideal. CTRL N opens a separate window that is not in kiosk mode, address bar, settings are accessible, I tried configuring multiple Chromium session, hidings the extra icons etc all with kiosk mode enabled.

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UMS 12.02.120

OS 12.2.0

Anyone have a work around to disable CTRL N or force kiosk mode on all Chromium sessions?

Do you only want to disable this shortcut or all Chrome shortcuts? If the latter you could try this policy (I haven’t tested)

Disabling all is an option. If I did this correctly it is not working.

Arfff, something else worth trying

To install see the great great guide from @member

Sorry I haven’t tested either

Gave it a shot with OS12, but no luck so far.

@member thanks for adding me here. Just FYI, the policy you ́ve linked ( can ́t work in the Chromium browser, because it ́s a policy only available in Chrome OS.

Additional to the Chrome extension: I can get it working to deploy and integrate the extension from above. Also it can possibly deactivate hotkeys, but you have to manually configure on all endpoints the deactivated hotkeys. So no good and possible way to deactivate the Chrome hotkeys.

@member did you tried the app mode, is that maybe a bit more restricted?

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