How to do I install drivers in IGEL OS?

Hi everybody. I have an industrial touch-panel running with UD Pocket 10.05.500.01 Unfortunately, the touch function is not working, probably due to missing driver. I have different linux drivers from the manufacturer. But how can I install these screen drivers in IGEL OS?

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Hi Andre, if you want to try and build by your own here is great how to regarding custom partition (CP):

That feature allows you (more or less) to integrate applications or drivers in our OS. Our OS is read only, so you can‘t install something like on a normal distro.

As an alternative, you could open a ticket at our support and ask for the creation but it will take a few days or weeks dependent from the actual project workload of our devs.

@member can you share the Hardware description of your monitor and your results with the community?

Hello Sebastien, thans for your reply. It is the first time I use the community at all. I think it is useful to look for a solution to a problem before contacting igel support. To the hardware:

HAWK AP 12-RC with Intel® AtomTM N2600 Dual Core and resistive touch screen. I also have one panel with capacitive touch and it works fine with igel OS. The screen driver from manufacturer is called “PenMount”. I try to create custom partition as you suggested and let you know of the results.

Sebastien, i created the custom partition and started the install script.

root@ITC7CCBE2E1DFAD:/custom/pmlinux-Ubuntu10.10-20101124# sh Stopping running process of gPen, gCal, gDraw utilities.


| PenMount Setup Utility |


Detect PenMount COM


Detecting /dev/ttyS5 , 9600 bps ……. FOUND

Detection Result


PenMount 6000 ( : ) @ /dev/ttyS5, 9600 bps

Writing configurations to /etc/penmount.dat

Remove old

Copy Xorg module drivers…

Please logout and re-login to use Penmount device.


There is need to write to /etc/penmount.dat. When the terminal is being rebooted the configruation will be erased because of read only. What can I do to install the driver properly?

@member Please read my comments above.🙂

Did you had a look on the Chromium Custom Partition on Since our OS is write protected you have to create symbolic links during boot up to get them integrated.

ln -s /custom/ /etc/yourtargetdirectory

@member I cannot understand the scripting. Is ther a place to look up how to install third party drivers?

Did you already searched in our community?

Here you can find a few script samples:

I remember that there is already 1-2 sampIes. if nothing helps you there give me a PM.

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