How to do I modify a configuration on an IGEL OS device remotly outside the corporate network?

Hi All,

I get IGEL OS 10.03.500 and sent it accros the globe without any link now to UMS. We miss a param to allow registry modifying as a result when reboot, setting are reverted. Is ther a way to modify, via root user the user setting in order to let user/admin apply modification to this. (Its Powerterm Session emulation and settings are related to user define fonts). We want to know if ther is a way to modify this setting preventing it to be reaply a boot. Hope it’s clear ! and thanks

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@member, this is why we have the ICG (Igel Cloud Gateway) this will allow modifying profiles and setting on devices across the globe.

You can setup a ICG and let the user by the device to connect to it. This connection is always initiated by the endpoint. So, as long as the device can reach internet, it should be possible to get it managed.

@member please take a closer look into our Knowledge Base…

@member If you haven‘t the possibility to get the devices activated by ICG, you could use the „old“ and less secure way… Request a Public IP or FQDN, forward Port Tcp 30001 to your UMS Server and add this infos under System=>Remote manager on endpoint side. Change your setting by removing blue triangle, save change on next reboot and reboot your clients. They will take new settings you assigned on each reboot.

Thanks all for you nice answer. We deploye the Igel Cloud Getway and we are very impressed by the solutions. 👍

Good to hear! Thanx for the feedback!

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