How to do printer autodiscovery from an IGEL OS device?

Anyone know if there is a way to do printer autodiscovery from an IGEL OS device. Like if someone is working from home and needs to print, is there a way to have it autodiscover printers similar to how Windows and Chromebooks do? We are going to have some individuals working from home who will need to be able to print and trying to find the easiest way to setup printers for them. Hoping not to have to do individual profiles for each one.

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For the moment and from a GUI, no, tbh. But from a command line perspective I would say yes, you could use the lpinfo -v command to find a network printer and then add it as LPD Printer. Or connect it through USB, use RAW Queue and you should be fine everywhere even in Profiles.

I have a feature request opened for a more handy local setup (starts at Regional settings, goes through Display Settings up to having a Printer Network Browser) but cannot promise a short term realization.

Cool, thanks

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