How to downgrade IGEL OS versions?

Hey people, Ive got some returned IGEL from RAM process back and they are on a newer firmware which we are using. (new 10.05.800), and we are on 10.05.500. Is there a way to downgrade w/o losing the lic?

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Hey Henrick, sure! Assign the Univetsal Firnware Update for 10.05.500 and execute the Command from context menu: Update and Snapshot commands=>Update (even if it a downgrade). It‘s pretty straight forward.

Within a major version like 10 or 11 you can downgrade all the time, but not from 11 to 10 or 10 to 5.

Alright guys, thanks for that! 🙂

I tryed like you said, Sebastien, but the Igel does restart but does not downgrade at all. The “older” Firmware is assigned, the policies are applied and the Igel does something like a firmware update, but after the restart, the firmware has not changed. 😞

Oookay, I’ve got it – its fixed! Thanks! ❤️

I just make rightclick – other commands – device => ums. thanks!

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