How to Download IGEL Eval Software

The first step is to get your hands on the latest IGEL software. No worries, IGEL makes this easy. For your testing enjoyment, IGEL provides you free 90-day trial licenses that include both the Workspace Edition and all Enterprise Management Pack features fully activated.

If you are deploying the IGEL Cloud Gateway software, you are required to download it separately. You will install it in a bit. Hold your horses!

The following steps walk you through downloading the IGEL Workspace Edition and Enterprise Management Pack:

1. Open your favorite browser and browse to Depending on if you are a customer or partner, click the appropriate button to continue.

2. You are brought to the Download the IGEL Software Please fill out the required text boxes, click to check the I have read the privacy policy checkbox, click the I’m not a robot checkbox, and comply with the captcha question(s).

Once finished, click the Get Free Licenses button.

  1. Read the IGEL EULA and click the I ACCEPT button to continue.

4. Click the I ACCEPT button to accept the embedded solutions EULAS found in the IGEL OS.

  1. Click the I ACCEPT button to accept the export control agreement

6. You are done. IGEL will send you an email with the desired download links and other information.

If you do not receive the email in your inbox within a couple of minutes, please check your Spam folder. If you find the email in your spam folder, please move it to your inbox and click to open it.

7. Find the email from IGEL Licensing and open it. Once opened, the email should look something like the following. Don’t worry about all the We walk you through every step and make this process as pleasant and straightforward as eating pie! After all, who does not love a piece of cake? Let’s move on

8. In the above email, there are only two links you should concern yourself with, and they are the links to download the software.

  • IGEL UMS – Click the Download the Universal Management Suite (UMS) link in the email above to download the IGEL UMS Windows installer package.
  • IGEL OS 11 – Click the For converting 3rd party devices, please download the OS Creator link in the email above. The IGEL OS Creator is the IGEL OS package that allows you to install the IGEL OS directly on x86 hardware or in a virtual machine. Once downloaded and extracted, you will find the IGEL OS ISO image used to install the IGEL OS into a virtual machine or onto a USB thumb drive/CD.

After downloading the above two files, you are ready to get started! Let’s get to installing the IGEL Software Suite. The first step is to install the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).

Let’s get going! The fun is afoot!

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