How to easily teach home users to boot to the IGEL UD Pocket?

Question for anyone that wants to answer. We’re in production mode but still have some kinks to work out. We will be testing with work from home users using a UD pocket. I believe these new group of test users will be using the udpocket on their own equipment. I dread this, because a lot of our people that are hired aren’t very ‘technical’. Depending on their home set up and whether or not they have boot to usb enabled – we will have to direct them on how to get them to boot to usb. Can anyone think of an easy way to overcome this – or are we doomed to have them find out what their computer is so we can tell them to press the correct f key to get to boot options? (Hopefully I am making sense.)

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We ran into somethign similar. We created a document outlining the process to boot to USB from the main manufacturers (Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc). No way around it, gonne be tough.

sigh Yeah, I figured as much. In theory a ud pocket would be very useful if you were giving out equipment because this would already be configured to boot through bios – but adding their own equipment just makes it so much harder. I figured I’d ask anyway in case there was some technology I wasn’t aware of.

Nothing that I know of I am afraid, but there are other much smarter people than me that might have another solution.

I can share something as PM. @member it’s coming from our competition 😀

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