How to edit a file on IGEL OS and have it executed one time only?

Hi, I want to edit a file on client. In the UMS I use a profile. At “firmware customization/own commands/basic/final command” I put the commands in. Is it executed as root? If not, how I can make sure it does? Second question is if it can be executed one time only.

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Hi, it is executed in a root context, you could write a check file after first execution, if it exists, the script doesn’t start again.

Unfortunately it seems not to be executed. Where can find more details about why?

Well, you could add a logger to this

# output to systemlog with ID amd tag

LOGGER=”logger -it ${ACTION}”

Your action | $LOGGER

I want to add a line to etc/hosts. How would your command look like in the profile?

Why not using the host function in a profile instead?

In general: I would let the custom command create a script in /wfs, and then execute it:

cat <<“EOF” > /wfs/


# output to systemlog with ID tag

LOGGER=”logger -it ${ACTION}”

Your action | $LOGGER


chmod +x /wfs/

/bin/bash /wfs/

Perfect ! Thank you.

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