How to enable both monitors with the VMware Horizon View client on IGEL OS?

We are using IGEL UD-Pocket for our VMWARE View VDI. On some IGELS there is the requirement to install two monitor, to exentend the desktop. we have enabled the monitor switching tool and increased the number of screens in the config. Our users reported us, that they have to enable the second monitor every day. after the view client has started they have to go to the toolbar on top and select the option full-screen on all display. is there an option to automaticly enable both monitors with the view client?

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On View Session:

I know, it sounds weird but this setting is a bit hidden:

Sessions;RDP;RDP Global;Window

Multi monitor Fullscreen mode

That will apply also to Vmware Blast and PCoIP even if it is in the RDP Section.

On Display Switcher:

Did you also set the box by: Display Switch > Options > Smart display configuration, Preserver settings over reboot and Configure new displays when connected?

Yes, the options in Display Switcher are active

Hello @member, I believe the more important stetting for this is the first one Sebastien mentioned

Sessions -> RDP -> RDP Global -> Window

Multi monitor Fullscreen mode|

This applies to the Horizon client as well, due to the way the Horizon client handles monitor configurations

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