How to enable developer tools in the chromium browser on IGEL OS?

Hello, has anyone found a way to enable developer tools in the chromium browser? I have a URL that is being redirected in my browser and I need to see the redirection in developer tools and it is greyed out. Any suggestions for enabling this?

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For this use case … create a profile that turns off IGEL settings and then you have do what you need and then revert back.

Some additional notes

Hi Ron, I created a profile that turned off “use IGEL setup for configuration” and I did not even have to use developer tools to see the redirection. There is something in the mentioned check box that is did not allow the website redirection to work. Is there an article or explanation as to what “use IGEL setup for configuration” does when it is enabled and disabled?

Hey @member,

I ́ve tested and worked out a solution for you. (Tested with IGEL OS 11.08.440, but should also work with older IGEL OS versions.)

You can enable the browser developer tools by configure a Chromium policy. You need the Chromium policy “DeveloperToolsAvailability”. (More details, can be found here:

You can configure Chromium policies directly in a IGEL profile. (More infos here:

In the IGEL profile configure the Policy name: _DeveloperToolsAvailability_

and the Policy value: _1_

After you ́ve restarted the browser, you can now use the devtools.

I ́ve also created a IGEL profile, attached here. Ready to use with all the needed settings under Chromium Browser Global to import in your UMS environment.

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