How to enable full functionality from a printer/scanner device on IGEL OS?

Hello, Does anyone know if there is anything specific that would need to be configured in either the desktop or from within the IGEL profile to enable full functionality from a printer/scanner device?

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There is the SANE Feature for scanners and CUPS for printers.

The SANE Feature needs to be enabled here:

Setup > System > Firmware Customization > Features > Scanner Support

The CUPS configuration is configured like this:


with the sane scanner support does this directly translate to the Horizon session or does the integration need to be configured? Would this be more complicated with an MFP style device?

Hi @member, for (native) scanner support in Horizon you’ll need OS 11.03.100 featuring Horizon Client 5.2.0, and you need to enable scanner support in the IGEL registry. The key to switch it on can be found in _vmware.view_, key name, I think is _enanble-scanner-support._

If the scanner works inside the Horizon session is another question.

As a prerequiste it needs to be working locally with the sane library and tools.

But even if it works with sane, there’s no guarantee it really works in the session. We had a canon LIDE that didn’t.

while a Fujitsu FI7130 did work.

Is there a way to test the local functionality on the IGEL?

You could open a terminal and (provided you have enabled general scanner support like Marvin had pointed out) start the sane application or just use scanimage to directly scan a page (see

Awesome thank you for that info! Do you know if VMware has a Printer/Scanned Compatibility list similar to something that Citrix has?

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