How to enable Jabra USB headset on IGEL OS 11.02.150


I want to connect a Jabra USB headset and enable it on Igel OS 11.02.150 but I cannot find where to enable it.

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Have a look at this and check you have it enabled

Hi Richard! What are you searching to achieve exactly? Switch the Audio Source/Output?

and open in Taskbar the sound mixer!

Or using in combination with a VDI/Terminalserver?! If yes, what exactly? For a UC Solution?

Hi @member we use Jabra headsets, and for us it was plug and play within the IGEL OS. If you are connecting to Citrix, or a VMWare environment, you will need to adjust some policies.

Barry, you’re using Skype or any other UC solution?

We use Jabber

we use VMWare to login, can you tell me the policies

@member are you using a UC Solution like SfB?

Hello, I’m a coworker of Richard. When we connect the Jabra Biz 2400 II to a client without our profile the headset works fine localy. But with our profile it’s not recognized localy. We can’t find the setting to enable it.

Could you check if USB Access Control is set?

You could check if the default rule is set to Deny, then you could add an exception for the Headset.

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