How to enable multiple monitors on IGEL OS when using Imprivata appliance mode

Hi everyone. We’ve evaluating IGEL and have setup some thin clients in the Imprivata appliance mode which works fine, however it seems like this is designed for single monitor workstations as I can’t figure out how to configure dual screens in appliance mode. Is there a setting in UMS to allow the endpoints to configure their dual screens or is this really just designed around using one screen with appliance mode?

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Hi Dan, which version of the ProveID Embedded agent do you have installed?

Chris, we’re on Thanks

I’m not an imprivata guru, but on appliance mode in general you can (on actual firmware version) give some functions back to the user. I’m thinking of the display switcher as an example: which allows you to configure your screens like you would expect on a Windows session (Extend, Resolution, position, pivot, etc…)

and grant access in Appliance mode:

In our case we setup a new profile with activated screen configuration:

User Interface > Display > Activate screen configuration

Thanks @member that activated dual screens so that’s great! I’d like to give the end user the ability to change display settings and the display switcher above seems like the right option – and when I enable it I can see it on the desktop briefly before Imprivata takes over fullscreen but there doesn’t seem to be a way to minimize or get back to the desktop. Any ideas?

Unfortunately not. We are forcing the settings to the user…

I think because PIEAgent take over control you have to check with Imprivata… At the moment I have no access to Imprivata but my experience with Imprivata Support is quite good so I would suggest to rise a ticket.

we used our “own” appliance mode – just a profile to also publish a browser in eg fullscren. It would have been easily possible to change the browser to window based thus the user still has access to the necessary desktop icons

@member posted the profile somewhere here

@member To enable the display switcher you will need a hotkey for it and enable appliance mode access. I’ve tested this on a laptop with second screen. In my setup with fn + F7

Great – after experimenting with the hotkey settings I think I have what I need. Thanks everyone

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