How to enable the Registry setup menu to appear locally on IGEL OS for all users?

Hi all,

We’re looking to allow access to the registry via Setup on our local clients. The problem is when we unlock it in the Configuration, Registry won’t appear. I’ve tried this for both “Setup Administrator” and “Setup User”. It only appears when logging in with “Administrator” user. TIA

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Hi Joseph, call me stupid but why are you wanting to allow access to Registry locally?

Since you can see and change the whole Registry, I wouldn‘t expose it.

The local Igel Setup already has it by default, and should get limited to Admins, IMHO.

We want to allow it, while password protected, to circumvent the 11.4 bug with Network Manager we see when upgrading. Approximately 1/50 clients affected.

To add, we don’t want to turn off this feature globally when upgrading or push a modified 11.4, with how small the percent of affected terminals are.

I got your point, but I don’t think that it would ever work IMHO. It’s a bit like on Windows: I wouldn’t lockdown the OS and GUI and give the user access to the Registry.

The Registry is not able to be segmented in RO / RW mode but you could think about give the admin locally a script that changes that value.

What you mean with the Network Manager bug?

You know the local setup is not the same like the setup for UMS, two different files will be used on the machine

@member on 11.04.%%% the network-manager reacted quite sensitively on network fluctuations.

This Network Manager Autosensing is coming quite often atm… Will send you a PB that does the following and might fix that:

### Network

The default value of

network.interfaces.ethernet.device%.nm_disable_link_config (forbidding Network

Manager to modify Ethernet link settings) has been changed to true.

It’s now standard on .270 Firmware but not before.

Oh this one – we lost a full rollout at one of our customers because of auto negotiation flapping

@member so I would recommend not to play with local registry, only update to current 11.04.270 – all problems are gone now

Do we have release notes for this firmware version? Not seeing them on the KB. Does this version also support redirecting locally mapped network printers with ezeep?

Ezeep will come on 11.05 not in this firmware from what I recall.

Thanks. What’s the ETA for 11.05?

25.02 is planned!


Yes. 25 Feb. 2021

Got it, thanks. Where can I get documentation for ezeep with IGEL. Ezeep was only able to provide me the instructions for a Windows client. Also, can I get the link to 11.05 TP please?

TP is currently not there, needs some time

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