How to enable users to sign into Chromium on IGEL OS

Morning All,

Does anyone know how I enable users to sign into Chromium (people icon top right). When I try and add a profile we get “the profile picker is blocked”. I’ve tried unticking ‘block chromium settings” in the Chromium profile . (Client OS

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Hi ! @member is it something you managed to get working? If not, I’m happy to look at it!

If you give me some time, then yes. I will try to look at it until Sunday. 😇

Thanks guys, no rush so it can wait until next week!

@member I ́ve searched and tested to get a solution for you. 🙂

Attached is my example IGEL profile with the needed settings, which you can import to your UMS and use it for your case. Also attached a screenshot with the settings, I ́ve made.

You have to configure the following three custom policies to let users add new profiles/persons:

Policy name: URLAllowlist

Policy value: [ “chrome://profile-picker”, “chrome://profile-customization”, “chrome://downloads”, “chrome://management”, “chrome://print”, “chrome://bookmarks” ]

Policy name: BrowserSignin

Policy value: 1

Policy name: BrowserAddPersonEnabled

Policy value: BrowserAddPersonEnabled

One hint from me, what I unfortunately read: Since 2021 Google limit the Singin feature, where users can sync their passwords, bookmarks, history and so on. Means, that you can only use the Singin feature in the Google Chrome browser and afaik the Edge browser, but not in the Chromium browser (integrated in IGEL OS).

If you need the Singin feature, you have to switch to the Google Chrome browser, which you can deploy with a Chrome CP.

Hey Leon. Thanks so much for doing the research into this. The use case is to sync password and bookmarks etc.

I’ll have a look at the Chrome CP, thanks again!!

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