How to establish a VPN connection on IGEL UD Pocket without ICG?


we have here a UD Pocket v10 where the users log in via LDAP. Now this client should become mobile, it should establish a connection to the company network via the “NCP VPN Client”. But how should the user establish a connection via the NCP client if he cannot log on to the client at all. Since there are no login servers available at this time?

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Hi Andreas, do you have an ICG in place? That would help a lot.


Unfortunately we do not have an ICG, we have licenses for NCP and would like to use them there. 🙂

For Windows there is the option to set the VPN client so that it also appears on the login screen. But that’s not the case here I think?

The easiest way (for the moment) would be to disable the AD Login and bring the user login into to respective Client (CWA, RDS, Horizon). There is no way atm. to put the VPN GUI in front of the LightDM Greeter.

All right, thanks for the quick help. 🙂

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