How to find a lost IGEL Device?

This may be useful to someone so I’m sharing.

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We have the situation where a remote office cannot find the endpoint with the Igel OS easily because it may be in another room or a seldom used desk.

To find it we attach this profile (Find My Igel) to the endpoint in UMS and reboot. After reboot it makes several tones, has bright simple wallpaper and then reboots in a loop. Easy to find and once the profile is removed it goes back to normal use.

This is very cool @member are you ok having us creating a blogpost out of it?

anyone remembers 😄

@member – Yes!

Perhaps your wallpaper should be a “wanted poster” with a reward for the finder, to get everyone in on the game! 😁

Next: upgrade internal speaker to 100W on Igel devices to aid in speedy recovery efforts! 😆 🔊

@member what causes the “reboot loop”… I might have missed it in the profile?

@member – Great Ideas!


Ahhhh… now I see it!!! 😬 Thanks. 😉

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