How to find the Cisco Webex VDI plugin for Citrix?

Anyone have a link to the Cisco Webex VDI plugin for Citrix? Seems like you need to become a customer to get it?

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Yeah, it requires a login to access where the link would take you.

Its all in my IGEL OS UCC guide – no credentials needed

for cisco Webex meetings

My main mistake was I had Cisco JVDI in my head, not WebEx. Oops 😉

for cisco webex (formerly webex teams):

Will give your guide a look, Ty

Is there a Cisco WebEx Client for linux to install it in a custom partition?

Yes, of course – the same which our Development included in IGEL OS

Hi Lars, for cisco Webex meetings is this the vdi version or i have to download from cisco.

Thats what you need to install on Citrix

our client is included in IGEL OS, no download required

Hi Lars,

can you tell me, where i can find the WebEx Client in Igel OS, and how to start it?

I only found the VDI-things. I want to run it native on Igel OS.

Thank you very much!


To run WebEx natively, you would need to get the WebEx Ubuntu installer and create a custom partition for it. I looked in the communities custom partition store and found this is one that hasn’t been added, but you can follow this to create one.

Hi @member

thank you for the information.

Where can i find the WebEx Ubuntu Installer?

I guess I made an assumption Cisco had an install for it. I guess they are still working on it. There does appear to be a way to do it through the WebEx community. There are a couple different options I saw. Just Google for install Webex Ubuntu 18.04.

Thank you David.

WebEx Client for Linux should be released Q1/2021:

I can wait a few more weeks for this.

But native linux will not help us because IGEL OS is not a desktop OS

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