How to fix this rosa graphic problem on IGEL OS?

Hello, anyone have an idea how to fix this rosa graphicproblem? 😉 It seems only one user have the problem. After he complete logout and login again or server reboot it is gone for a while but appears again then. It seems it happens when he login too long.. Usually he only disconnect the session. We already delete his userprofile, so it is complete new.

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Hello Peter, which UMS Version are you using and where (installed locally, through RDP/Citrix)?

The UMS 6.06.110 is installed on the server and we are connecting over RDP.

This looks like a hardware decoding problem. Have you tried disabling hardware accelerated decoding on the client side?

we not try it.. i will ask him to disable that

I had this issue over the weekend, just rebooted the node running the UMS admin tool

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