How to flush the dns cache on IGEL OS?

is there a way to flush the dns cache on the thin clients???

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can this be done any other way than at each system? tried it from a secure terminal and it didnt work

Let me double check.

we had a fiber cut and have two citrix servers.. admins made a change to where they should only look for the working citrix server, but some are still looking for the other one. rebooting didnt help either.

systemctl start systemd-resolved.service

systemd-resolve – –flush-caches

systemd-resolve – –statistics

thank you sir

giving it a shot now!

Ron it does seem to be working.. is there a way to do this to all of them at once by chance?

Put the command in a profile liek below, push it, say update now, and then remove it

It wil prompt your users if you haven’t disabled that option

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