How to force dual monitors to extend to the right vs just mirror in IGEL OS?

How would one go about forcing dual monitors to extend to the right vs just mirror? We get an error when launching display switcher on our HP t510’s with a UDP. A majority of them only have one monitor, so we just force the screen resolution. However, we have some with dual monitors and need to force it to extend to the right without needing to go into display switcher.

Error when launching display switcher is Unable to start the XFCE display settings. Unable to query the version of the RandR extension being used.

Dumb question maybe but are you using Vesa mode? Would be interesting to have the firmware version also.

Firmware is 10.5.500

Not sure what vesa mode is

I Made Some scripts for it.. so did @member so do a quick search for these mods

To keep it simple Vesa mode is a more compatible mode. In addition to the great xrandr stuff from @member and @member you could also try to start the Display Switcher by „hand“. Open a terminal and issue this command: xfce4-display-settings Does it work then?

xrandr –output $EXTERN1 –primary –output $EXTERN2 –pos 0x0 –right-of $EXTERN1 –pos 0x0 something like this..

xrandr -q for the names of the output ports

xrandr comes back stating RandR extensions missing. We could execute xrandr –help and see the commands available, but when running we get that message

In UMS the graphics chipset 1 does say VESA, but I could not see a way to change that in BIOs

@member did you tried also the xfce command sent before?

we don’t have access to the device at the moment. Devan is going to do some testing tomorrow. We had to get the user back up and running, so we had it revert back to HP Thin Pro for now. Devan will be able to test at his office.

@member, Devan didn’t have a chance to test yesterday due to other issues that needed worked on. We will get back to it soon.

I ran xfce4-display-settings and got the same error as when trying to launch display switcher in the gui. “Unable to query the version of RandR extension being used”

now, we do see some additional info in the terminal window: “Xlib: extension “RANDR” missing on display “:0.0”

I do only have one monitor connected at the moment, but wanted to see if it would at least launch

Hold on… Are we speaking about a VIA Chipset maybe? @member

ah, yes it is

No VIA graphic adapter; VIA graphics support is discontinued in IGEL OS.

thanks. We’ll switch this station out with one that we can do multi-monitor on and then put this one where only one monitor is needed. 😉

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