How to free up disk space on IGEL ICG server?

Hi Gents

we have a debian with ICG. It did stop working and I found out that the free space is gone. (the original debian disk space was 20 GB) I did remove some debian logs and iCG access logs and manage to free 70-90 MB so the ICG service to start. I found out that the /opt/IGEL/icg/usg/hsqldb/icgdb.lobs is 16 GB

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Question – is it safe to delete it ? If not – what is the painless way to extend the drive ?

Hi Petar, which UMS / ICG versions are in use? We had this situation on early 2.0% or 1.0% ICG Versions.

UMS – 6.05.110

ICG – 2.01.100

Could you consider an upgrade to 6.07.100 and UMS 2.03.100? This would fix this behavior on a longterm.

would that affect the endpoints ? – is it safe to update?

Well, like always, an update isn‘t happening without risks. In your case, it shouldn‘t harm the endpoints, if they are quite actual. Which IGEL OS version is in use (mostly)?

lowest is

heist is 11.05.124

Then you should be good.

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