How to get a Password reset shown on IGEL OS?`

I’m looking for some suggestions or workarounds for the following problem. When we reset our end users’ Active Directory passwords, we give them an easy to pronounce temporary password over the phone (which is pretty insecure), so they can log onto our Windows RDP servers on IGEL, and we ask them to manually change it from the temporary password to a personal password asap. The problem is that, of course, not everyone does this, and they just keep the temporary password…

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On Windows workstation this is easily fixed by enabling the “User must change password at next logon” option when resetting a password, so the user is forced to immediately set their own password. As far as I know, this does not work on RDP via IGEL. Any ideas?

My best experience is to let people logging to the device with their AD credentials and use passthrough to RDP.

There the password change is fluent. If single server:

When connecting to a single server use server side logon so users can change their password easily. IGEL setup →RDP→RDP Global→Local Logon : disable Use local login window.

We have had the same problem for many years and no solution for this, but a login to the device would not be useful on our side, because there are group accounts and the users will forget/not log out from the device.

Could you setup AD Login on the igel? You can do the password change at the IGEL logon screen.

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