How to get AVD Log files and Traces on IGEL OS?

Hello dear community,

We have issues with Igel devices, when connected to AVD (device “frozen”), which need to restart. Cases was opened for that.

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Support ask for log files (collect through UMS).

1. When issue occurs, I need to access to UMS, whick take lot fo time (Windows access, UMS console opening),

2. log collect does not work

Is any way to collect these logs, just with SSH session for example?



You could work with:


Thank you @member.


• we don’t find the root cause. we can not reproduce “on demand” the issue

• Igel OS is 11.08.440

• AVD on Windows with basic features (MS Office, Acrobat reader, and web based ERP

• when station is frozen, no proble in AVD session (we can resume the session from another computer)

• when frozen, we cannot access to Igel OS – we cannot collect files.. (I’m not sure, because I cannot verify what customer says… I’m not on site). VNC does not work (connection refused)

SSH access works fine.

Last time, I copied syslog files on the /root folder… which was purged after restart.

Thnk you for the script. Do you means it contains all informations for support? I don’t see “messages” file.

Thank you!

Let me check on Messages, but for AVD, this could help:

AVD – Azure Virtual Desktop (former name: WVD – Windows Virtual Desktop)

Parameter in the registry

• sessions.wvd%.options.client-log-level Sets the loglevel for IGEL client specific Log Messages

• sessions.wvd%.options.rdcore-log-level Sets the loglevel for RDCore specific Log Messages

Be careful with setting these loglevels to TRACE or HIGH since this will create a huge amount of messages. Normally a client-log-level of DEBUG and a rdcore-log-level of None should be sufficient to get an idea where the problem originates and then set higher Loglevels depending on the Problem

A rdcore-log-level of HIGH will create up to 2MB of logs per second causing our devices to run out of space pretty fast.

Loglevel to set for specific Problems:

• Keyboard related problems:

◦ client-log-level: TRACE

◦ rdcore-log-level: None

AVD with MS-Teams optimization (offloading)

With IGEL OS 11.07.110 MS-Teams optimization will be added to the AVD client. For related issues with MS-Teams VDI it can be of interest what version of MS-Teams VDI is/was used when an issue occurred. In the MS-Teams application select the … (Settings and more) menu left to your avatar picture in the top bar of the application window. Then select About > Version. Underneath the top bar of the application a line will appear that looks something like this:

You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). AVD Media Optimized. It was last updated on 4/19/22.

This information cannot be fetched automatically and is not always needed. But in case an issue cannot be reproduced it might become important. So, it should be known.

Besides that, these are the MS-Teams related configuration options:

• sessions.wvd%.options.webrtcredirection Enables the MS-Teams optimization in general by enabling the WebRTC redirection

• sessions.wvd%.options.webrtcunifiedplan Enables the MS-Teams WebRTC-1.0 stack support, aka. UnifiedPlan (the old one is called PlanB)

• sessions.wvd%.options.webrtcdatachannel Enables data channel support that allows features like live captions and taking control of screen shares

Note that MS-Teams is offloading the video and audio streams to the IGEL OS and therefore the local video and audio decoders, hardware and software, are used. For video decoding the “fluvadec” (hardware if available) and “fluh264dec” (software as fallback) is used. The “x264enc” is used for video encoding. Multiple audio codecs are supported by MS-Teams and these are used directly by the WebRTC stack that is integrated into the IGEL AVD client (igelrdp3).

Thank you @member

Logs collect was just checked and worked, and log levels was corrected, as suggested.

I’m waiting for next freeze 😉

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