How to get CD ROM drive working in Citrix via IGEL OS?

Hi All, trying to get CD ROM drive working in Citrix via IGEL. have setup the policy as below and I can see it shows that the drive is ready. However i can’t get it to show up in Citrix. Citrix is working because when I test in windows I can get the contents of the CD drive to show by typing in \client in explorer. Not sure how to make it work or what I’m doing wrong. Appreciate any help with this.

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Hmm… I would go ahead and bump up the number of drives to ‘3’ just to cover our bases, and then ensure you are not allowing native USB redirection for that specific device and don’t have a default rule of ‘allow’ (Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Native USB Redirection). Appears correct otherwise

We did have Native USB redirection enabled, I isolated my test device and tried without it to no avail. any other suggestions? I will also log a ticket with support too.

Oh.. I forgot to mention Imprivata PIE agent is in place as well, not sure if it has anything to do with it.

It sounds like you’ve already got the Citrix policies setup to allow for USB/client drive mapping, but give this a shot in your IGEL profile:

That’s how I have mine configured, and the USB CD drive does map correctly. I’ve tested this on 11.03.580 through 11.04.270, and I’m running Imprivata appliance mode, as well (connecting to a Citrix Desktop).

My CD ROM drives are not USB they are SATA. Internal drives not external so i think i have to use storage hot plug policy instead of USB

Citrix doesn’t support SATA CD ROM drive redirection. That will most likely never work.

Hi Chris, it works in citrix, so I just checked the type of drive on the PC it’s a IDE not SATA. It’s just the internal CD/DVD drive that comes with old Dell PCs. My test machine is a old OptiPlex 9010

From what I understand this is not supported by Citrix. I would contact Citrix to see if it is something they officially support.

Sure thanks will check with them.

I got this to work Hooray! CD-ROM was being passed through to Citrix as a “Client Fixed drives” instead of “Client optical drives” When I enabled this policy in Citrix it started working. Works in Imprivata as well

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