How to get Chromium to download and run “.rdp” files?

Does anyone have any experience of adding new ‘*.desktop’ files to iGEL OS.

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I want to get Chromium to download and run “.rdp” files with xfreerdp and ‘out of the box’ it just downloads them.

So think I need to

add a “rdp.desktop” file to “/usr/share/applications”

update “/usr/share/applications/defaults.list”

update “/usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache” OR run “update-desktop-datebase”

I found this article

which hints at the first part, though it refers to “/usr/share/applications.mime” rather than “/usr/share/applications”

I’m using iGel OS 11.5.

In a call atm. but is this thread covering at leadt partially your issue?

Yes, that thread talks about something similar; but he is manually editting files on the iGel. I need to apply this change via policy – and that’s the bit i’m stuck on.

Does it work if you apply the changes locally? If yes, I can help you to set it up!

I just hossed my UMS server upgrading to 6.07.100 so i’ll have to get back to you on that one.

There is no policy possible on that when you use “IGEL Setup” with Chromium. The only what you can do is to deactivate that option, than you can use normal chromium policies

Lars. to clarify, you are saying that we cannot control chromiums behaviour via UMS poliy


How do I “deactivate that option” ?

You can use UMS, you only have to disable this option:

Investigating, but thanks for the steer.

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