How to get difference between the clients in UMS and the IGEL License Portal?

Hi, is there a way to get the difference between the clients in UMS and the igel license portal? We have to delete some assets from the license portal to resync the data. Best Regards Joachim

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Hi Joachim. In the UMS Administration – Global configuration – licenses – deployment you see your prosict packs with the used and maximum number available.

To unassign a license you need to search for the MAC address in the license portal. Then the license will be updated in the UMS automatically.

Hi Udo, we have deleted the clients in UMS and we don’t know the MAC address anymore…Maybe an export on the UMS and in the license portal is possible?

Create a view to see all clients available in the UMS now. Then have a look at the product packs in the license portal and click on “show hardware”. There you see the MAC address. With the button “remove hardware” you can remove the deleted devices.

Sorry for the next question – how can I create a view in UMS?

In the licence site on UMS it shows 220 used – but under devices there are only 208…

I’ve solved it with the view – now everything is synced

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