How to get IGEL Mozilla browser to open PDF in same windows instead of external window IGEL OS 11?

how to get iGel mozilla browser to open pdf in same windows instead of external window IgelOS11

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Found this on Google:

Thanks this worked. Can this be done on UMS suite 6 so I can deploy this to all clients without manually making this change to all individual clients.

First of all I’m not sure if that option is accessible inside Firefox on IGEL, as it’s heavily locked down. But if you can find out how to apply the setting then yes, it would be possible to roll out the change across devices via the UMS

this option can be changed via firefox, but if this can be done via UMS it would be much better option for mass deployment.

If someone with better UMS skills can point me where this change can be done in UMS console I would be very grateful

Sorry didn’t read your message right. If you can find out where the setting is set (might need to find a preferences file somewhere) then that change can be added to the UMS.

Once you know what line has to be added or modified in the correct file, you can do this inside a profile at System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands by running for example echo ‘new_line_here’ >> /path/to/your/file

thanks have to look at it

Suggest, @member, to tick this key in IGEL-Registry

This enables the FF internal PDF viewer

@member do you know how to enable the “Preview in Firefox” as the default option? Or is that also taken care of by this registry key?

FF will just take it’s viewer from then on

There’s a snag however. The way back to re-enable the external viewer (aka evince) by ticking this key off, will not work right away. You have to throw away your browser profile, also. FF nowadays is caching it’s configuration in such new-fangled ways that we haven’t figured out to force it back.

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