How to get IGEL working with our Citrix Storefront?

I’m new to the IGEL world and have been tasked with getting our IGELS working with our new-to-us Citrix Storefront. I looked on the KB and found various articles for lots of things, but none have worked so far and I’m not entirely sure what it is that I’m looking for. I believe the device I’m testing against is running Linux V5 OS but the various KB guides I’ve used haven’t produced anything so far. When the IGEL boots I get ‘can’t connect to store’ or something along those lines. Is there a definitive guide I should be using? Any other tips I should be following? Sorry for the newb questions in advance.

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It depends on how you want your users to access the Citrix Environment. Zhere are different options like browse to the Sorefront Web Store, integrate into the IGEL OS desktop, Self-Service appliance mode. What’s the user experience you want to deliver?

I believe we’re looking at more of the integration. I don’t think we want them to have to go the website. Basically we want the published apps to be visible on their desktop and/or auto-launch depending on the scenario.

@member v5 is a really old build tbh. but the best and most valid tutorial comes from @member :

In your case, I would highly suggest to update the Igel OS to 5.13.110 or use a newer Device like a UD Pocket –

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