How to get serial adapter working on IGEL OS and RDP RDS


I have a computer with igel os 11 installed and this device is managed by the ums.

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Now I want to open a RDP Session and want to “redirect” 2x USB Serial Adapters connected to the igel os 11 device.

I already found the redirect options but I think I’m doing something wrong.

First question would be, how could I test the COM apdater in the first place, so is this serial usb adapter even working on the igel device itself?

And if so, how can I really use these adapters in the Windows VM (RDP)?

Thanks in advanced.

Hello Leon,

I would disable any USB ACL Rule, then try to use the COMport redirection, if this doesn‘t work try to use Native USB Redirection instead.

The Windows event manager is usually helping on finding the error.

ll /sys/class/tty/ttyUSB*

the question is what settings should be activated? Is COM Mapping the right one? Because I don’t want to map a Com port in the first place, I want to redirect the whole usb serial adapter

Usually, yes, com port but some adapters don‘t work well there. So in second place the Native USB Redirection but this depends on the software behind.

Should this be active?

I can activate and deactivate what I want, nothing changes and I don’t get any device in the rdp session.

Well, did you follow my advice on looking at the Event viewer? Are other devies be able to be redirected?

Oh sorry, were did you mention the event viewer?

In my first answer 😀

ah you mean the windows event manager, sorry

Weird, I don’t even get a normal usb stick through rdp. I only activated nativ USB Redirect as global options, what don’t seems to work.

Then, it might be a server restriction, I would look at the USB redirection policies from RDP. Is it a terminalserver or a single use machine?

This is a single vm and the screenshots are the settings.

I would add the PID VID of the device in Geräte Regeln and disable the Zugriffskontrolle completely.

even with the device defined it’s not working, I will now try another rdp session.

Even other vms don’t work, I don’t get it

Again, did you check the server policies?…]anced=false&collapse_discussion=true&search_type=thread

you’re right, it was a problem with a GPO but not with the remotefx one, this was not configured as all other gpos aswell. But there was ONE gpo that has to be deactivated rather than not configured. This seems pretty weird, but now it’s working

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