How to get the IGEL OS 11 Upgrade tool started from a shadowed IGEL device?

Hi there, is there a way to get the OS11 Upgrade tool startet from a shadowed IGEL?

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I was instructed to upgrade a customers farm from (IGEL Zero) to OS11 and need to perform all pre checks working from home 😅

Hi, in general yes. In there you should be able to add a Shortcut to the Desktop / Startmenu.

Hi Sebastien,

sorry, I think I explained myself a bit confusing.

Shadowing the IGEL shows me the fullscreen receiver site. I used to get to the setup screen wit Strg+Alt+F2.

I can’t see the menu bar at any point.

Oh, you are using the Appliance mode…. then you could use the Appliance mode access:

Thx Sebastien, I enabled the Appliance mode and set the same checks as you, unfortunately im still not able to start or see the startmenu.

Is there a shortcut or key combination i should use? dragging the mouse to the bottom shows no result either

You could define a Hotkey like here:

lol.. i got you wrong from the first screenshot. I was setting the checks under “ICA Connectin Center” and not “OS 11 Upgrade”.. sorry 😀

now I got it right. Good morning to me..

Thank you @member 👍

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