How to give permissions via a group to a user in IGEL UMS

Hi All, I’m setting up a new environment and I have imported administrator accounts from AD, how do I give permissions via a group to a user? I have user A who is a member of group X in AD. User A and group X are both imported to UMS and I have given certain access to the group X but not the user A. When user logs in they don’t have group permissions. How do I make the user a member of the group? the groups are not available when I click on membership for User A

Any ideas?

you should be able to highlight group X, hit ‘Edit’ to grant rights, highlight user A, and see the corresponding rights under ‘Effective Rights’

Hello Jess, please what Josh said, also, this article could help

Thanks Josh and Ruiny for the response, group X has permissions as below. User A doesn’t have the permissions of the group

if you highlight group X and click ‘Members’ does it enumerate correctly, showing user A? If you made this change recently I wonder if you need to wait for DC replication, I can test this in my lab and it immediately works as expected when moving a user in/out of an AD group but I only have one DC 🙂

If UMS is correctly reading from its LDAP configuration, the user should show in that group using ‘Member of’ and the group should show the user using ‘Members’

Thanks All good Josh. I had imported the wrong group. Also one more question, is domain user rights sufficient for AD sync account

Glad to hear! Domain User should be sufficient, as we’re only reading from AD and not doing any writing

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